"Intense, scary, and beautiful"

Ken Hanley - Fangoria

"A Bigfoot film worth stomping about"

Ambush Bug - Ain't It Cool News

"Great performances, amazing SFX, and brilliant cinematography"

Jason Hignite - Horrorhound

"A hell of a movie"

Jerry Smith - Icons of Fright

"A kick-ass Bigfoot movie"

Patrick Ricketts - Video Views

"Intense and Frightening"

James D - Wicked Channel

"The best this [Bigfoot] sub-genre has to offer"

Michael Juvinall - Horror Society

"Thrills, chills, and blood all wrapped up in an intelligent narrative"

Stuart Anderson - The Fifth Dimension

"Will have creature feature fans smiling with joy"

Doc Rotten - Horrornews.net

"A must-see"

Tim Gross - Gross Movie Reviews

"Highly recommended"

Mark Krawczyk - We Live Film


Steven Hickey - Hickey's House of Horrors

"Bill Oberst Jr. truly shines"

Richard Propes - The Independent Critic

"Visually stunning"

Charlie J.J. Kruger - Horror Punks

"An authentic Northwest treat"

Marc Morin - The TwoOhSix